Janathon Day 29: Helsbels, it’s a cake!

Ah, this is what running is all about, this is what Janathon and Juneathon are all about, making friends and finding some of that support that we all need to get us to the finish line. This morning I got together with HelsBels, who lives in the same area as me, and we did a sociable run to ease us into the weekend. We had planned on maybe a three or four miler and, with Helen having been ill all week, we didn’t want to push it, but we did get carried away chatting and went slightly further than planned. We started off with a saunter around Ladywell Fields, which was surprisingly bereft of runners after last week’s ten or so Lycra wearers (although we did pass an eager looking group of people who seemed to be doing the ‘running for beginners’ course I’ve seen advertised around the park). We then did the ‘spirally footbridge’ and over  into the mud and towards the next stage of the Waterlink Way. Helen had ventured part way earlier in the week, but had come unstuck at Wickes, so we thought it might be good to go along for a bit so she knows where to head on future runs. I rarely run with company (other than Hector in the running buggy of course, but that’s different), so hadn’t appreciated how distracted you become when you can chat to pass the time. We were soon turning around and heading back towards our agreed end point, via the Fields again and a handy church yard. Hmmm, who’d have thought wall-leaping could make up a Janathon run?

Helen had mentioned that there was a hill on this bit of the run, but we somehow kept our pace up and virtually flew towards the finish line, and who can blame us when the cool down was to be carried out in a lovely cafe, with beautifully presented coffee in vintage cups and a giant wedge of the most scrumptious orange cake?! (see image here).

In the meantime, Edward and Hector got to work on lifting some slabs in our front garden to make way for our native hedge.

After a well-earned pit-stop and a good chat, Helen and I ran towards home, saying goodbye along the way. I had reset my Garmin in the cafe, so today’s run is broken up into two.

Janathon day 29, Part 1:

Time: 56 minutes 01 seconds

Distance: 5.03 miles

Average Pace: 11.08

Best Pace: 7.46

Calories: 507


Janathon day 29, Part 2:

Time: 12 minutes 25 seconds

Distance: 1.27 miles

Average Pace: 9.46

Best Pace: 6.51

Calories: 135

After I ran home and had some lunch, we all set off back along the Waterlink Way to the salvage shop, so probably another two and a bit mile walk. We were delighted to spot this chap at the edge of the water, sitting patiently then, every so often, darting into the water to catch fish. Perfect.


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