Feet to the beat!

I ran on the track! Yay, I’m a proper runner! The other day I read/heard that there are plans to close our local running track and, when I mentioned it to Edward, he said: ‘Use it or lose it!’, so I thought I really should get down there and vote with my feet. I dropped Hector off at nursery – he went quietly but not before he gave me an insight into Toddler Time Management: ‘Mummy, I don’t want to waste this time at nursery, I want to use this time playing at home’. I quickly passed some of the other mums (who I feel slightly embarrassed running in front of as they don’t yet know about this ‘running persona’ like my ‘old’ mum friends do) and up and over the footbridge towards the track, and there I was, handing over my £2.25 and stepping onto its lovely springy red surface.

This track was being re-surfaced when we moved here in November, and is one of the Olympic training tracks, so this suggestion that it might close seems ludicrous. I asked the man at the office, and he said he thinks it unlikely, but the council want it to be run as a ‘community facility’, who they think will look after and maintain the track, I don’t know. With this in my head, I popped some Audiofuel in my ears and off I went. It was so much better doing the Pyramid 180 session on a track than in the muddy park, back and forth, back and forth, and I found the markings on the track useful in pushing me forward towards the end of a sprint: ‘I must get past that line before this sprint finishes!’ While I did my session, two other women were doing some sort of plyometric exercises at the side of the track and a man was putting out some hurdles so, for a Tuesday morning, that’s not a bad level of usage. The track is used by the Kent Athletic Club – who have Olympic hopefuls amongst their members – and the centre of the track is well-used as a football pitch, though I get the feeling the footballers use the metal track edge to scrape the mud off their boots, and they are not too careful about disposing of their drinks bottles. Ahem.

Time: 29 minutes 50 seconds

Distance: 3.03 miles

Average Pace: 9.50

Best Pace: 5.52

Calories: 358


8 thoughts on “Feet to the beat!

    • fitartist says:

      I did think of you as I went there, wondering if you might use the track you mentioned recently. It’s a very different kind of run, good for shaking things up a bit and focussing.

  1. Highway Kind says:

    In many ways Hector is right – you are an extremely stimulating mother who gives him lots of fun and adventure. Which is one of the reasons the transition is difficult but the basis you have given him will make him better able to cope

    P.S. If you didn’t see Michael Morpurgo’s Dimbleby Lecture on BBC1 it is well worth catching on the IPlayer

    • fitartist says:

      Thanks HK. This week things have moved forward a bit, and he has made a friend, Angus. I think this will make it a bit easier to say goodbye in the morning. Incidentally, Edward dropped him off today as I was ill, and he was so excited about showing Daddy, that he didn’t get upset at all!

      I will look up the lecture.

  2. notmuchofarunner says:

    Cool – a proper springy track! The closest I get to one of those is the surface around the swings at the local playpark.
    I could close my eyes and use my imagination I suppose. Well done for supporting your local.

  3. Mairead White says:

    though they can be a bit intimidating tracks are lovely to run on, and there is just something very focusing about that very bendy inside lane…enjoy it!

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