Cows, cake and knitting

That’s what we running bloggers seem to need to make us happy, and that’s what my weekend was all about. We went to visit our lovely friends Ben and Jackie in their new country house. As we arrived after dark, we were delighted to open the curtains in the morning to be greeted by these beautiful ladies:

They live right next to the house and, if you forget to close the gate, they like to come in and eat the garden! Our weekend was spent relaxing, walking, enjoying the sunshine, eating amazing breakfasts:

And politely declining the delicious-looking orange cake Jackie had made (forgetting I am not eating cake until after Brighton Marathon). I am a very restrained cake-avoider!

I did take my running kit with me, but somehow managed not to run, even though I could have taken the most delightful route through the fields, sociable fun seemed more alluring.

I have done some running this week to make up for it though, and this morning I ran over to Greenwich. I ran around the hoardings that currently signify the presence of a shy Cutty Sark, to head over to the Thames to say hello. As I turned the corner, I was stoppped in my tracks as I gasped a surprised: ‘Woah!’ when I was greeted head-on by the HMS Bulwark, being slowly eased into place by four tug boats! It was an incredible sight, and I might have to go down with Hector to show him just how big she is.

Time: 51 minutes 1 second

Distance: 5.17 miles

Average Pace: 9.52

Best Pace: 7.09

Calories: 535


8 thoughts on “Cows, cake and knitting

  1. Highway Kind says:

    Those are very splendid cows – almost as lovely as my Belted Galloways.

    But as for declining the cake – well that is just contrary to one of the basic laws of running

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