Posted by: fitartist | April 7, 2011


In three days I will be taking on the Brighton Marathon in aid of Guide Dogs. You can sponsor my effort here.

It’s hot, hot, hot in London today. I love the sunshine, as Roy Ayres says ‘Everybody Loves the Sunshine’, but when you have 26.2 miles to run, you want a bit of air circulating around your limbs and a touch of freshness to fend off over-heating. I just checked the weather forecast for Brighton on Sunday and it says 13 degrees and a rain shower, good temperature, but I’m not wild about the rain.

Lists. I feel I should make a list of things I mustn’t forget to take with me.

Running shoes

capri tights


Guide Dogs vest

race number and safety pins (don’t forget the safety pins!)

socks without holes in

timing chip


sun cream

marathon belt



iPod Shuffle

Body Glide – how could I forget that one?!

I’ve got a sore throat and runny nose today 😦 Chances are I have caught Hector’s cold, or maybe a it’s a touch of hayfever. Whatever it is, I’d like it to go away before Sunday please. Sniff.




  1. I wish you the best of luck for the Brighton Marathon, hope the sniffs have gone by then.

    • Thanks Shaz, I’m working on it with way too many vitamins etc, I’m rattling about the place!

  2. Cake! You forgot cake!

    • I knew I could rely on you to be my cake-reminder! Thing is, I don’t even feel like cake right now due to the cold, crazy isn’t it?! And Edward refuses to carry a cake around Brighton in the heat, so I will find my own when we are there, I’m guessing there are a few delightful cake establishments in such a place.

  3. The mantra of essentials in my family is “Money, passport, tickets”. I’m not sure what the marathon equivalent would be, but if you’ve got your race number and your timing chip, everything else is a bonus. Blister plasters?

    • I agree, we do carry far too much stuff don’t we? I always think, as long as you have some money, you can usually get out of a pickle.

      Hopefully the Body Glide will prevent the blisters, I don’t get on with blister plasters anyway, I’m so hot they just slide off. Sorry if that’s too gross at this time of day!

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