Tomorrow we are heading to Brighton where I will be taking on the Brighton Marathon in aid of Guide Dogs. You can sponsor my effort here.

Only two more sleeps! Oh dear, it’s all getting a bit too exciting for me now. This morning I started the day with a glass of soluble vitamins, a mug of Lemsip and a mug of tea – the throat had kept me awake and my nose had joined in, just for fun. Argh. So I went and met Helsbels for a last little run before the big day. It was just short jaunt around the park to keep our legs loose and remind ourselves that we do know how to run, though we did both find it a bit odd and a bit of a struggle! After we had a chat about our nerves, fuel, heat and whether or not we like to wear short to run in (no), we both went our separate ways, wishing each other luck for Sunday. I did feel better after a run, and went on to have the most gorgeous morning in the garden, planting seeds and tending to various bits and bobs, and preparing to make a bee hotel with Hector on his return from nursery. Perfect.

So tomorrow we will soak up the atmosphere and explore Brighton. I am very excited about it all, but do want to get on with it now. I just consulted my list from yesterday and have made a little pile of essential stuff, not to be forgotten. Earlier on I got busy with the Poska pens and graffitied my vest, I hope spectators will be able to make out the slightly smudgy and wonky ‘Adele’, and runners behind me can read my web address for future reference.

Wish me luck, see you on Sunday evening!

Time: 18 minutes

Distance: 1.64 miles

Average Pace: 10.59

Best Pace: 6.57

Calories: 151


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