Run like the wind!

Or rather, put your head down and run really hard into the wind. It’s picking up again out there.

On Monday I will be tackling the BUPA London 10k along with a few running friends, some of whom participated in Janathon and entered in a flurry of excitement following the post-Janathon get-together. After my last 10k race on Peckham Rye, I decided to knuckle down and train hard so I could try to beat my time in that race. Of course, I have been snowed under by a pile of administration around the Big Lunch I am organising on my street, playing with Hector, keeping on top of my vegetable garden and life in general and haven’t managed half the runs I had planned. Oh well, I will just go for it and have some fun, the scenery should be good and I think the crowds will be too.

On Saturday (yes, I know, I’m a bit slow in sharing this with you), I headed over to Greenwich while Edward and Hector went swimming, and decided to run three miles then turn and head for home. I was sent some energy drinks the other week and hadn’t yet given them a try, so decided today was the day to see if the Voltz Energy Shots could give me what they promise. When my package arrived, I was surprised to see two big boxes of these little bottles, and thought: ‘Great, I will be fuelled for the rest of the summer!’ I then had a good look at the ingredients and was disappointed to see that they contain caffeine, enough ‘to give you energy for five hours’. I know for lots of people this would be a great news, but I don’t really get on so well with caffeine, and can only manage one cup of coffee before my stomach starts to churn and I feel spaced out and dizzy. My main worry was that I would end up running with a dodgy tummy, but thought I should give it a try out of interest anyway. I do prefer a less synthetic flavour, so scrunched my face up as I downed the sickly-tasting concoction, feeling relieved that it is such a tiny bottle.

And off I went. I had been for a four-miler on Friday and had felt a bit heavy-legged, but I felt good on this run. Another one of those runs where you feel as if you are going really fast, but the stats point to something a bit more average. It was pretty hot out there, so I sought shade as I weaved in and out of the Greenwich tourists. It was nice to go this way and not have to run eighteen miles, so I embraced the views, absorbed the sights and paused by the Thames to watch a group of people on an archeological dig. As I ran, I paid close attention to my energy levels and my internal rumblings and was pleased to find that I did have more energy, my stomach felt absolutely fine and I had a spring in my step. Of course, this is one of those things where energy could be down to the sunshine, the environment or the dinner I ate the night before, but I do think I could attribute some of it to the Voltz Shot. I am not sure if this is something I would consider normally, in fact I know it isn’t – I turn away when I pass someone drinking Red Bull, the smell is revolting, and I tend more towards a more natural approach, though the Voltz seem to fit in with this ethos when you consider that they are: ‘Carefully blended from a cocktail of vitamins and anti-oxidants’. I can see, however, how these drinks could give me a good boost for a track session or some testing pyramid runs and, now I know it doesn’t cause me to feel spacey, I will give it a go and report back later. As for the ‘five hours of energy’, I felt quite bouncy for the rest of the day and that has to be a good thing.

Time: 59 minutes 39 seconds

Distance: 6.02 miles

Average Pace: 9.55

Best Pace: 7.14

Calories: 604


2 thoughts on “Run like the wind!

  1. Mairead White says:

    thanks for the support just now, nice to see that I may have ONE reader left out there after the hiatus

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