A school trip to see the alpacas

It’s week three of Juneathon and I have decided to join in again after being way too busy to even think about following all the other blogs, let alone running every day and blogging about it myself. I went for a little run yesterday, my first for two weeks, and it felt like hard work. It did feel really, really good to get out though, especially since we spent the weekend at my parents’ house and I ate my own weight in chocolate cake. Today I didn’t manage to get out and run as I was busy going on a school trip, Hector’s first school trip to Crystal Palace Park and farm. We were both rather excited by it all and enjoyed the journey on a coach and then the play in the sand before we had an early lunch at 11am (it’s funny how excited the parents seemed by this, with our breakfasts generally being so early that a lunch at this time is actually necessary!). We then wandered through the dinosaurs to the farm, where we saw pigs wallowing in the mud, sheep, goats, ponies and these daft-looking alpacas, who had had a haircut that made them look like some kind of weird poodle hybrid:

It was a lovely day out and an opportunity to see Hector playing with his nursery friends and seeing how he interacts, and also how he can sit still and stand to attention when asked by his teachers! We were both pretty exhausted afterwards, but he had to muster up the energy for his swimming lesson – maybe he should take the Juneathon baton from here…

Time: 30 minutes 38 seconds

Distance: 3.04 miles

Average Pace: 10.04

Best Pace: 6.37

Calories: 310


3 thoughts on “A school trip to see the alpacas

  1. Highway Kind says:

    If a half-marathon is a valid race then a half-Juneathon is a valid adventure. So welcome back.

    I like the way you could get close to the alpacas. I only ever see mine in the distance

  2. fitartist says:

    HK – Thank you. The alpacas were quite lovely, if a bit odd-looking with their silly haircuts. It’s a nice little farm, more of a college really, so an educational centre. A woman was showing us around and someone fed the animals as we went, so the children could see them close up and actively engaged. There was also a lovely ginger pig who dutifully got down in the mud and wallowed happily.

    abradypus – It was delicious, the first of Hector’s birthday celebrations and my brother’s amazingly chocolately cake, he won’t divulge the recipe for some reason…

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