My new favourite socks

I’ve been busy. The weekend was spent sanding the floors at last, with my part being filling in the gaps with a gloopy porridge mixture of PVA and sawdust, a slightly back-breaking task, but necessary if Hector is ever to play with Lego in our living room! I had intended going for a run on both Saturday and Sunday, but it simply wasn’t possible, it was all hands on deck to get things done because we have been living upstairs for far too long now. I did, however, go for a fantastic track run at the end of last week, and took the opportunity to give my new socks another test. I have had the Run Breeze Running Socks for a while now, and have tested them on a few different runs, including the lovely North Wales run I did a few weeks ago.

I have been comparing them to some 1000 Mile socks I got recently, and can definitely say that these are my favourite. When I initially unpacked them I thought they might be too bulky, and I really prefer a much thinner sock, but once the are on they feel great. As they are an anti-blister sock, they have a thinner layer inside and it certainly does the trick, with no movement whatsoever. This has been challenged on a hilly, long run and on a speedy track session with a few average pace runs in between and there are no blisters to report.

Back to the track session. Following the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon workshop, I decided I should pay closer attention to interval training and strength, so gave myself a confidence-boosting talking to and got down to the running track whilst Hector was at nursery. I decided the best way to approach this would be to follow an Audiofuel track so there would be no slacking, and I plumped for the Martin Yelling Pyramid session. It’s a tough one! As with the shorter pyramid session, you build up gradually, peak, then work your way back down, but the challenge here is that each block of effort is three minutes long and I found myself struggling at each two-minute point. I think, if I hadn’t been at the track and feeling the pressure of my surroundings, the fact that I had paid good money to be there (it’s only £2.25, but still!) and the speedy chaps training alongside me, I might have doubled over and taken a breather, but I didn’t. I kept hard at it and felt fantastic for doing so. The two men who were quietly going about their business in the outer lanes looked quite serious. They ran in unison and had an incredibly relaxed, at ease stance as they covered the lanes with their long, comfortable strides. As I stretched, one of them stripped off his outer clothing to reveal short shorts and a vest, and put on his spikes as the other chap checked his clipboard and stopwatch, pros.

Time: 45 minutes 51 seconds

Distance: 4.76 miles

Average Pace: 9.38

Best Pace: 5.38

Calories: 472


3 thoughts on “My new favourite socks

  1. Paul says:

    Reading this has given me the prod to give some proper interval training a go. I play football and try and sneak my short bursts into that. But I need to compare with the real thing to see if it’s anymore beneficial. The Royal Parks Marathon mob can’t be wrong! Good luck with the training plan.

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