New gadget, new activity

I’m a lucky lady. On Saturday morning the post-lady delivered a parcel with my name on it and I eagerly opened it, with a slightly bemused look on my face. And there it was, a brand spanking new Garmin, complete with heart rate monitor! Edward had bought it to encourage me to keep on running, to give my running a little boost; it will certainly do that. So, I had to give my good old GarminForerunner 201 a last outing while the new one charged up, just a short run which took in the Waterlink Way and an attempt to see if Kent AC do actually meet at the track on a Saturday morning (no, they don’t). As I ran, I thought about all the different things I have done with my Garmin 201: it’s seen me through training and completing three marathons, a couple of half-marathons and numerous shorter distance races. In 2006 it took me on a long journey across Lincolnshire (91 miles over four days, all in the name of art), kept track of the many miles run over the various Juneathons and now a Janathon and has pootled along on all those runs in between, long and short. I mustn’t forget that I originally bought the Garmin to carry out my Trolley Spotting exploits and have used it on other projects since. Ah, what a gem, but on to pastures new that don’t take up half of my arm.

Time: 45 minutes 52 seconds

Distance: 4.28 miles

Average Pace: 10.43

Best Pace: 8.14

Calories: 432

Yesterday was my first opportunity to try out the new model. I, erm, leapt out of bed at 6.30 and threw on my running gear, strapped on the HRM and waited mere seconds to pick up a signal. Wow, now that’s a lovely new feature! The park was lovely and quiet, the sun was coming out and the air smelled good. Just a little jaunt before breakfast to see what my heart says and check out the maps and so on that you can link up to on Garmin Connect. I have been finding it hard to run in the mornings recently, or more to the point to run at any time of day, with Hector being on his summer holiday. I have been nipping out before breakfast and this never works very well for me – I have been finding myself doubled over with ‘dodgy tummy’ and having to cut runs short. This run was slightly less than I would have liked it to be, but here are some stats:

Time: 00:22:33

Distance: 2.15 miles

Elevation Gain: 70 ft

Calories: 72 C (what?!! That’s either mean, or my old model was telling me lies)

My average pace was 10.29 and best pace was 8.50.

I was very interested to see how the heart rate looked:

Avg HR: 175 bpm

Max HR: 202 bpm

Hmmmm, now when I look at the formula for calculating your maximum heart rate, mine should be something like 182, so this all looks a bit scary! I think I need to look into this further – I did do some HRM training years ago and found this general formula a bit out for my particular level of fitness.

Now, my neighbour has been trying to persuade me to join her in a Zumba class and, during a barbeque on Sunday, I said yes. All I knew was that it was a dance-based class with styles from all over the world and that you dance solidly for an hour. It was just marvellous! We arrived as it was starting so found a spot towards the edge and back and quickly tried to follow the teacher (who was wearing some sort of belly dancing skirt whatnot over her sporty gear). I worked really hard, throwing myself into it with all the gusto I could manage after a day chasing Hector around, and found bits that I didn’t know could wiggle and tested my body in a way it had totally forgotten about (I’m sure it will remind me of this tomorrow). I smiled for the whole hour – which flew by – and felt great when I got home, energised and positive. The thing I liked most about the class was the diverse people who were drawn there: middle aged women, teenagers, mums, dads and one chap who was at least seventy, and all shapes and sizes, levels of fitness and ability. Fantastic. I’m not entirely sure how this fits in with my half-marathon training, but it’s worth giving it a go.



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