The Three Fields

The fog continues to hover ominously above our house, and I love it! Over the past year I have got myself into a slight running route rut, so this morning I decided to combine a few of the favourites in a three park hilly attack. The beautiful weather even prompted me to take my camera with me and capture ‘the view’. Here is the first of the three fields, Ladywell Fields:

I headed happily through the mist, up the hill to the second field, Blythe Hill:

It was quite gut-bustingly hard running up those hills in the cold, but I was delightfully toasty in my lovely new top from Go Outdoors, who have kindly offered to keep me warm this winter. I had a good look through the thermal and base layer section of their website, and settled on a new Ron Hill top. I was thinking that I should try a new brand, but I know that the Ron Hill tops are a lovely fit, with a nice long body and long enough sleeves to pull down over your hands when it gets nippy. This top certainly does the trick, I actually said ‘Mmmmm’ out loud when I put it on, it’s so soft and I love to be able to pull a top down low to reduce the view of my rear end. So, now I sped up a bit and ran swiftly along Brockley Road towards my next field, Hilly Fields:

(normally this has one of the best panoramic views of London)

I had found the hills on this run pretty tough at first, but I really settled into it and was starting to enjoy myself now. Just a downhill stretch and a flat pick-up-the-pace section to home, where my next-door neighbour was shocked to see a human being actually steaming.

Distance: 3.46 miles

Time: 35 minutes 33 seconds

Average Pace: 10.17

Best Pace: 6.24

Calories: 412

I do have some splendid tights to try out too, but today didn’t seem quite cold enough – I do like to hold tight on the tights until it’s really cold – so I will see what the next few days bring on the weather front.


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