The three stages of cold

Slowly. I am emerging from a fog of a different kind, the kind of fog where your head is pounding, your vision is fuzzy, your nose feels like you’ve walked into a door and every time you inhale you end up doubled over, barking like a seal. Hello from the other side of a cold! It wasn’t so bad at first, yes, the sore throat was painful, very painful, but I sounded like this:


Then the pain in the throat became gradually worse and I sounded more like this:

and then my nose began to drip and, what with all the sniffling and snuffling, I started to look like this:

After a recent return to running enthusiasm, I was knocked back with a bang to a point of zero activity. There’s nothing like a bout of illness to vanish your running mojo in a puff of Vicks. But now I am feeling stronger, my lungs are fighting back and I am – almost – ready to pull on a pair of really warm running pants and a really warm running top, with long sleeves and little thumb holes, and some really warm gloves and maybe even a really warm hat, and I might just head out of the the door and run.

In other news, the boys Eating Trees and Hauling My Carcass have been making me jealous by schlepping through mud, Jogblog has won herself a fantastic support package to get her across the finish line of the London Marathon in one piece, Helsbels has her sights set on the Olympics (torch) and Travelling Hopefully has put us all to shame with her early morning wanderings.


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