Mixing it up

Leffe, champagne cocktails, red wine, dessert wine, more champagne and a slurp of water. I had a bit of a headache when I got up, so my first run of 2012 was fuelled by most of a banana and two ibuprofen; I wouldn’t recommend it.

What a run though! Before I set off I had to usher a cow out of Ben and Jackie’s garden, then I had a staring competition with the beautiful ginger creatures, politely allowing the big chap with the ring through his nose win.

My run took me along gravel paths on the estate, into muddy fields, through gates and right up to the cutest Shire Horse foal with one brown and one bright blue eye, melt.

Happy New Janathon everyone!


Time: 32 minutes 35 seconds
Distance: 3 miles
Average Pace: 10.52
Calories: 371


8 thoughts on “Mixing it up

  1. fitartist says:

    Thanks everyone (I might get a chance to read some blogs some time soon to add my own comments…). I really can’t imagine how anyone could find these beauties scary fortnightflo, they are so placid! TravellingHopefully, call me Dr Doolittle.

    More cows over on today’s post if you fancy it 🙂

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