Hungry cows

I’m not normally woken by mooing, unless  Hector has got really, really fed up of trying to get me to stir, so this morning I was somewhat startled – yet delighted – to hear a deep low plea for food from outside the window. It seems the farmer was a little bit late in bringing the cows their hay, so they decided to try and get his – and everyone else’s – attention.

“You got any food?”

They were ever so disappointed when I ran in the opposite direction, so resumed their earthy bellowing. I ran the same route as yesterday, partly because I don’t know my way round the area and also because it’s just such a lovely route, if a bit stop and start with all the gates.

It was considerably colder than yesterday and I wished I had my gloves on for the first time in a long time, but the sun was bright and the view was lovely.

Unfortunately the shire horse foal was lying down on the other side of the field today, and I’d taken my camera especially! I didn’t want to rush over and spook it, so left well alone. I am really enjoying having the motivation of Janathon to get out and run, there is no way I would have got past the smell of coffee in the kitchen this morning without it! I will need this focus more than ever over the next week, with January blues setting in and the prospect of Hector starting school, something that makes me gulp for air a week before the big day.

On a positive note, the cows were more subdued on my return and I caught these two (well, one is a bull) basking in the sunshine, looking contented:

Distance: 3 miles

Time: 33 minutes 13 seconds

Average Pace: 11.05

Best Pace: 3.07 (obviously some weird blip on turning around or something!)

Calories: 377



8 thoughts on “Hungry cows

  1. Highway Kind says:

    Oh you have been near my part of the world (well a few miles north).

    I know the first days of big school are stressful for everybody so I hope you have a really successful January

  2. henniemavis says:

    Poor lonely cows they will be, when you are not snapping their photos any longer. They aspire to be magazine models & now their hopes will be dashed! Good runs for you tho 🙂

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