Oh my. I think everyone in the UK knows what I’m talking about when I say the weather is grim today. I really had to grit my teeth and go out in the sideways rain and head-winds this morning, but I did it, all the time thinking about the bath I had left running at home (I know that sounds just plain daft, but Edward and Hector were home and our tap has something wrong with it so is just a trickle at the moment, no flood-risk there!). I did yearn for the lovely nod of a ginger cow, but instead I made do with the steely glance of a dog-walker and the calming view of not one, not two, but three herons along the river.

My wet feet.

In other news, we are filling up on soups and stews after over a week of rich, meaty dinners and chain-eating chocolate and salted nuts. It was odd having a game of #guessthesoup over on Twitter last night, but good to see fellow Janathoners are getting their five-a-day too.

Chopping the veg for tonight’s stew.

Distance: 3.09 miles

Time: 32 minutes 06 seconds

Average Pace: 10.23

Best Pace: 3.48 (weird blip again)

Calories: 325