The Good Man

Today is all about our good men. Over on There’s a Six Pack Under Here, Susan found herself the happy recipient of a freshly washed kit, laid out and ready to go. In our house my run was delayed until this evening when the weather had changed from the bright crispness of this morning to the stormy dampness of yesterday; I really didn’t want to. Edward came home after his first day back at work and said: ‘I will bath Hector and make the dinner, you go and run’, we are two very lucky ladies.

It was tough-going and I drifted on autopilot along a regular route of last year’s Janathon, which takes me on a loop around Ladywell, through Crofton Park, touches on Brockley and back to Ladywell. I got a supportive ‘Well done’ from a woman who was going into her nice warm house as I slogged, head down up a hill into the wind and sideways rain. My mind was distracted somewhat by my shadow at this point, squat as it was in the low glow of the yellowy street lights, more Rubenesque than athlete and quite disheartning. I am determined to do something about this, having gradually grown more, erm, cuddly lately, not the look I was going for.

During my run I thought about getting an early night so I can get tomorrow’s run out of the way first thing and avoid having to schlep it out with the commuters in the dark. We’ll see.

Distance: 3.18 miles

Time: 32 minutes 05 seconds

Average Pace: 10.05

Best Pace: 2.52 (ok, this is just silly!)

Calories: 345


8 thoughts on “The Good Man

  1. shazruns says:

    Know what you mean about that cuddly effect apparently men prefer that than hugging a bone-know what I’d prefer though!. Fanatastic effort getting out in that weather and well done to hubby for being so supportive mine would never in a million years utter the words ‘go for a run!’

  2. Travelling Hopefully says:

    Top marks to Edward for facilitating your run and to you for going out and actually doing it in the sideways rain. I blame Dirty Dan for all these extra-curvy shadows that are knocking around. Another slice of cake dear…?

  3. fortnightflo says:

    I am definately more-Carla-to-cuddle-than-before-christmas at the moment, Thanks goodness Janathon gets me moving. What a lovely supportive hubby you have – long may it continue (or at least til the 31st!).

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