Buncha Muncha Crunchy Carrots

Parents of small children might know what I’m going on about but, for the uninitiated, these are the words of Tweak, a small green rabbit who builds and repairs ‘Gups’ in the world of the Octonauts. Tweak is the reason I didn’t go out this morning and run, when really it would have been the most sensible thing to do, but I had a morning of errands, school-trouser-buying and costume-making ahead of me and the run got forgotten about. Hector had been  invited to a friend’s ‘under the sea’ birthday party this afternoon and had decided to go as Tweak, so we made a very simple costume accessorised by said carrots (which he kept eating) and off we went.

I’m glad I didn’t put much effort into the costume because he took it off as soon as he got through the door. It was a lovely party, with ice cream and jelly and even sky lanterns at the end (though the Daddy had to climb fences into neighbouring gardens to retrieve a wayward lantern before it set sheds alight!). All this weekend fun meant that I had to really grit my teeth when we returned home and build up slowly to going outside on a Saturday evening and running. Urgh.

Saturday night running is very different to the same run in the week. The commuters were replaced by teenagers playing a weird game of chicken on skates: there is a big craze around these parts right now for roller skating and the kids throw caution to the wind and weave in and out of buses, tearing down the middle of roads. It’ll end in tears. I just kept my head down on the usual Janathon evening route, sniffing hungrily as people sauntered out of takeaways with their booty nestling in little white bags and thinking ahead to the glass of wine that would greet me on my return home.

Before I tucked into my dinner of left-overs and glass of red I got down on the floor – with  much groaning – and did my #plankaday. I have been looking on quietly as fellow Twitterers have been declaring their planking successes and failures and eventually gave in yesterday and had a go myself: 1.36.5, Edward was tickling my feet at the time though. This evening I dived straight in after my run and managed a slightly better 1.49.2. I’m not sure if a daily plank is enough though, so I will be embarking on a full-on attack of the middle next week – my plank effort was cut short by the fact that my belly touched the floor, not good.

Distance: 3.17 miles

Time: 31 minutes 49 seconds

Average Pace: 10.02

Best Pace: 7.27

Calories: 311


3 thoughts on “Buncha Muncha Crunchy Carrots

  1. travellinghopefully says:

    Ooooh, the lure of takeaway while out running, it’s never good. Unfortunately (for my waistline) we manage to cram 2 Chineses, an Italian, an Indian and a chippy into half a mile in the village. Not to mention the bakery on my early morning runs…

    Well done for getting out there, clocking up an impressive plank time (regardless of tickling) and making fancy dress!

  2. Natalie Bowers (@nembow) says:

    It’s never wise to put too much effort into kids’ fancy dress costumes is it? 😉 Well done for getting that run in. I think it’s harder on the weekend, what with family around. All the best for the rest of Janathon! 🙂

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