Middle class soup

Today’s effort was a sort of triathlon. First I went out and ran, not the best run in the world: it involved my knees hurting really badly (I think I have ‘housemaid’s knee’ from kneeling down and playing with Lego so much, does anyone have any experience of this?), running past so many runners that I lost count, I think they equalled the dog-walkers today and standing on a bridge and crying, partly due to the music I was listening to but mostly due to my fragile emotional state at the moment.

Things picked up when I got home when, after a restorative hot shower, we all jumped on our bikes and rode over to the Dulwich Leisure Centre for a swim. I still find it a bit odd living in South East London again and visiting the old places I used to frequent as an eighteen year old dance student at Laban. When I first came to London I lived in East Dulwich and sometimes used to go for a swim at the pool on Goose Green, my how it’s changed! It’s all very swish with a cafe and everything and, when we dipped ourselves in the warm pool, teeming with parents and small children, Edward commented that it was ‘like swimming in middle class soup’!

We then embarked on the most middle class of Sunday afternoon pursuits and rode over to Fired Earth to look at tiles for our new kitchen. I know. There was much chin-stroking and head-tilting and we ended up leaving with a selection of tiles to try at home (more chin-stroking…). The two legs of our bike ride are regular routes for Edward, the first being the beginning of his daily commute and the second being the homeward journey he takes after footie on a Tuesday night, though I can’t imagine how he does it, those hills!

Our exertions were to be rewarded with a team pizza: I made the dough, we took down the Christmas tree, then Edward and Hector rolled it out and put on the topping. I say Edward and Hector but apparently H wanted to do everything himself:

The smells wafting through from the kitchen were just delicious, though I did wonder if Hector was ensuring immediate exclusion from school tomorrow for eating too much garlic!

The result was really tasty.

Distance: 3.19 miles

Time: 31 minutes

Average Pace: 9.44

Best Pace: 3.58

Calories: 321

And we think we must have cycled about 8 miles in total. Now I must plank.


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