First day

I woke this morning and thought: ‘Today’s the day’. Hector didn’t mention it at all, he just quietly ate his breakfast, had a little play, read a book then excitedly put on his new school uniform.

He actually ran down the road, but his nerves started to show a little when I tried to leave him in the classroom – he hugged me tightly and kissed me all over my face (I had to look away so he didn’t see my tears). It wasn’t the big big day, that’s tomorrow, when I say goodbye first thing then won’t see him until three o’clock, today I collected him before lunch to hear all about it.

In my little slot of ‘free time’ this morning I went for a very quick run: I had to do my three miles, have a shower and get to the bus in about forty minutes, this made for a good pace! I forced myself to find a few minutes to pester a twitcher. I noticed this chap on my outward leg, he was sitting looking through binoculars at the heron and I guessed he would be the person to ask about the kingfisher. I regularly saw the kingfisher along the Waterlink Way last winter, but haven’t seen it yet and was worried it hadn’t come back. It seems there are two along the local stretch of river, a male and a female. He pointed out the perches that they have put in to encourage them and asked if I’ve seen the egret – I had been trying to work out what the beautiful white bird I had seen recently was and here was my answer. All of this birdie excitement got Hector and me out again this afternoon, armed with his binoculars, but still no kingfisher, I will keep my eyes peeled.

Distance: 3.05 miles

Time: 28 minutes 40 seconds

Average Pace: 9.23

Best Pace: 7.28

Calories: 304



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