A new kind of day

Today is day two of the big school journey. I knew this would be slightly harder than day one, being a full day and the day where I wave Hector off on the bus. He was very good, some friends knocked on our door on their way and Hector’s friend very kindly offered his hand when Hector didn’t want to get on. It was tricky because he was holding up the queue, but the sense of urgency may also have helped. I quickly found his figure through the window, struggling with his seatbelt and, once this distraction was over, he started to cry. Waving off a crying boy is hard.

I knew a run would help so, once I had composed myself, I went along the Waterlink Way, hoping to spot a kingfisher or two. I always look out for the flash of electric blue, but today it was the rusty belly that caught my eye as it perched on a branch overhanging the river. I carried on my way, heading south and looking out for the other kingfisher, but no luck. On my return the male was still there and I was treated to a swooping display over the surface of the water as it headed to a new perch further along.

Distance: 4.01 miles

Time: 39 minutes 26 seconds

Average Pace: 9.50

Best Pace: 6.34

Calories: 408

I wanted my run to go further than three miles today, an attempt to break the barrier I have got myself stuck into over the past nine days.


7 thoughts on “A new kind of day

  1. Highway Kind says:

    These days are tough and you have to find ways to stop thinking about what might be happening. Looking for kingfishers is perfect.

    I hope Hector fits in easily and things go well


  2. fairweatherrunner says:

    Glad to hear you enjoyed your run – keep up the distractions of kingfisher spotting and janathon. You’ll have to take your camera and stop and try and get a photo. Hope Hector settles in very soon – its always hard after Christmas when they’ve had such a wonderful holiday.

  3. fitartist says:

    Thanks everyone, you’re all very kind. Imagine my joy when 3pm came round and I got a huge hug and a chatty little chap telling me about the shuttle he was making ‘out of boxes and wrapped in foil, which is silver!’ 🙂

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