Another distraction run. I am rather smitten with the kingfisher, so ran the same route as yesterday but with my camera in hand, just in case. I wasn’t lucky enough to see a kingfisher today, but did enjoy the sound and sight of a woodpecker. I tried to capture it on camera, but it was very well hidden amongst the branches.

I then looked up and captured another local resident, often seen – and heard – overhead around these parts:

Noisy things they are.

On my return, I got stuck in to painting the kitchen walls with Radio 4 on – more distraction. My momentum was halted somewhat when my phone started to ring and I saw the word ‘school’, my heart sank. ‘Hector has bumped his head, it’s quite a nasty bump, and he’s ok, but ever so upset’. My head was spinning, I had to collect him, but this means catching a bus which could mean a journey of up to an hour including the bit where I run around, taking off my painting clothes, finding snacks to keep Hector happy on the return journey and covering up the painting equipment. Arghghg!

I sprinted across the park, jumped up and down at the bus stop, willing the bus to come then sprinted to the school at the other end. A rather crestfallen little boy appeared with his teacher and showed me a large egg-like bump on his forehead. That’ll teach him not to run and look behind himself at the same time.

Distance: 4 miles

Time: 38 minutes 48 seconds

Average Pace: 9.41

Best Pace: 6.31

Calories: 432



6 thoughts on “Peck-peck

    • fitartist says:

      Kingfishers are amazing aren’t they? It’s such a treat to see them. We had the pleasure of watching one fishing one day, so fast and skilful.

      He is fine today, the bump went down a lot on the night. Thank you.

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