Janathoning whirlwind

After yesterday’s topsy turvy sort of day, I was all geared up to Get Things Done so, in true Janathon style, I haven’t stopped. I dropped Hector off (another sad departure, where he managed to make other mums cry. Really), went for a run, had a shower, went on my bike to the shops, came back and put on my painting clothes, did some more kitchen painting, had a spot of lunch, cleaned the house and now I am having a sit down before I go and collect Hector. Phewee!

I can’t believe how Spring-like it is out there, I wonder when I will get to try out my very thick and warm Rab pants…! I did a loopy sort of run, just around the park, passing dog-walkers enough times to annoy them and getting back to tackle the jobs ahead.

Distance: 3.03 miles

Time: 30 minutes 29 seconds

Average Pace: 10.03

Best Pace: 7.11

Calories: 341


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