Hot pants

It has to be the coldest day for a long, long time, I even broke out the RAB pants and gave them a good testing. I must say, I didn’t feel like a super sexy athlete in them, far from it, they are pretty thick, so any semblance of tone is lost in their fleecy thickness. Though, I can’t really blame a pair of pants for my lack of athletic physique right now.

I put my kit on before breakfast, knowing that, with the in-laws visiting, I would never get my run done otherwise. My plan did work and, after stuffing myself silly with lovely bread and jam, I ran through the park while the others walked/cycled, enjoying the beautiful morning and having fun playing with icy pools:

I did the same run as yesterday due to lack of thinking time, and incorporated a trip to Wickes to look at tile edging, whilst getting cold and blue-lipped – a hot shower on my return did the trick. The trousers were great, and my legs were warm and toasty, though my hands felt numb even though I had gloves on, brrrrr.

Distance: 3.08 miles

Time: 29 minutes 27 seconds

Average Pace: 9.34

Best Pace: 2.21 (?!)

Calories: 357



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