Gritting my teeth

This was the Janathon 2012 run where I had to grit my teeth, put my head down and just jolly well get on with. I should have done as I did yesterday, and put my kit on first thing, but instead I got swept along in the Sunday family activity that goes with having the in-laws to stay. I was in such a major grump (sorry to anyone who encountered me) and was relieved to get out and have some fresh air and fun:

I get tired just watching Hector zooming up hills, leaping onto tree trunks, chasing toy aeroplanes and gathering sticks to throw at the ice, oh to have such energy. Before long it was coming up to dinner time and the in-laws were thinking about leaving and I still hadn’t done my run. I fleetingly considered not running, ‘failing’ in my aim to run every day in January and probably forcing myself into a guilt-induced depression for the rest of the month, but Edward came to the rescue and ‘gave me permission’ to run while the dinner was cooking (once again he gets top points for supportive husband duties). It was quick, it was dark, it was cold and it felt good once I’d done it. And once I’d eaten my share of this pie:

(the ‘Thank you’ is to Edward’s Dad Greg for helping him tile our kitchen this weekend).

Distance: 3.05 miles

Time: 30 minutes 37 seconds

Average Pace: 10.02

Best Pace: 7.11

Calories: 266 (?)


3 thoughts on “Gritting my teeth

  1. fitartist says:

    The pie was amazing – chicken and leek. Edward got lovely enamel pie tins for his birthday and I got him the Pieminister book and both recipes he’s done so far have been absolutely delicious 🙂

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