Up hill and down, erm, hill

I decided to push myself a bit further this morning, if not in distance, in elevation. So it was through Ladywell Fields I went, up towards Blythe Hill with a pause to enjoy the view. I was glad to have waited a bit to run because the sun was shining and there was the most beautiful, hazy and frosty view of London from the top of my run. Looking at my stats, I can see that the hills do challenge me and I should probably do more runs like this because I was significantly slower on the ascents. On my way out, I had passed a group of about eight women with buggies doing some kind of ‘Pushy Mothers’ class, all stepping up and down onto a pretty high bench. On my return leg they were in the basketball court doing sit-ups and press-ups, go mums!

Distance: 3.03 miles

Time: 31 minutes 30 seconds

Average Pace: 10.24

Best Pace: 4.53

Calories: 348

The reason for yesterday’s mini-blog was that I was just too busy to write anything more. After dropping Hector off I quickly set-to baking some pesto muffins to take with me to the Big Lunch launch reception at City Hall. I had been asked if I wanted to have a greater involvement, having organised a Big Lunch street party on my road last year, so was there in my capacity as ‘Big Lunch Champion’. It was a real novelty for me to be getting on a train on my own, going to such an interesting building and having the chance to network with people who have a similar approach to life as I do. It seems that I was only one of a few ‘Champions’ and many of the people present work for councils in London, organising events and so on, these people go to this kind of thing all the time, so seemed slightly jaded in places. I though, was like a giddy kid, taking photos of the lovely view from the ninth floor room we were in:

It was interesting to hear from people who work at the Eden Project (the Big Lunch was initiated by them), and also the chap whose job it is to organise the Thames Pageant that is taking place over the Queen’s Jubilee weekend, where there will be 1000 vessels taking to the water. Oh, to be able to watch from this room! After listening to some introductions, we tucked in to the big lunch that people had brought to share and, tempting as it was to just fill my plate with cake, I selected a tasty cross-section of mini-bagels, sausage rolls, cake, a biscuit and some grapes to redress the balance.

I had been rather excited about the prospect of meeting Barbara Windsor, who is the patron of the Big Lunch, but it seems she sustained an injury over the weekend and couldn’t come. Must be all that bra-twanging.


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