Looping the loop

I’m sorry about yesterday, what an old grumpy pants I was! Today is just as grey and even wetter, but my morning start was far more positive than yesterday due to a compromise between me and the little fella: I have offered to take him on public transport then I run home. The situation at school is unique at the moment – due to a rebuild of the original school, the children are being bussed out to a temporary site until after the Easter holidays and it is this bus part of the day that is really upsetting Hector. I decided that, if I remove that factor, then he will be more positive about school, and he was. Just a few big tight hugs, kisses all over my face ‘Mummy, I forgot to kiss your left cheek!’ and off he went, no tears. Phew.

The run back home was wet, but followed my usual route anyway, I was slightly disappointed though that the journey is not quite three miles and I ended up doing some looping around the park to make  up the distance. It didn’t matter, there was hardly anyone about to see my loopy behaviour, it was just me and the ducks!

Distance: 3.09 miles

Time: 30 minutes 41 seconds

Average Pace: 9.57

Best Pace: 3.13

Calories: 345


6 thoughts on “Looping the loop

  1. Nat says:

    So glad to hear you and Hector had a better start to the day today. I can imagine that being bussed to a temporary site could be quite unsettling in the first few weeks of school. Sounds like you’ve come up with a good plan though! Well done on your run too!

    • fitartist says:

      Yes, just imagine putting him on a bus with a load of strangers and waving him off with tears in his eyes 😦 Definitely the best approach, and I get a run into the bargain!

    • fitartist says:

      We decided that taking the bus part out of the equation would be one less challenge, there’s enough to deal with without waving at me from a big bus! He came back full of excitement and enthusiasm and way more knowledge of planets than I or Edward have 🙂

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