School run

Day two of the new plan. It’s the end of the school week and I expected Hector to be tired and a bit unwilling, but he jumped up at six o’clock, ran to the window and said: ‘ I want to see Mercury!’ I might normally have turned over and tried to ignore such an early request, but I was so delighted by this enthusiasm that I too went to the window and we quietly watched aeroplanes and clouds. I need to get some sort of star chart so we know which way to look on a clearer day. After a great deal of cajoling, he got into his uniform and we strolled to the bus-stop. Unlike yesterday, there were a few tears and numerous kisses – which always seems to surprise onlookers, maybe they are uncomfortable with such public displays of affection – and he eventually went into class.

After yesterday’s realisation that the run home is not quite three miles, I added a loop at the beginning and a hilly bit in the park, pausing to look out for the kingfisher. I can’t help myself but let out an audible gasp when I spot him, resplendent on an overhanging branch, darting swiftly into the water and back out again, breakfast wriggling in his beak.

Distance: 3.02 miles

Time: 29 minutes 40 seconds

Average Pace: 9.49

Best Pace: 5.52

Calories: 325



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