That’s me, trying to be upbeat after a shit day. Well, it wasn’t the worst day ever, not life-changingly crap, just crappy in a ‘I was looking forward to the weekend and now my Saturday has been spoilt by lots of small things and it’s almost dinner time and I have to salvage what’s  left of it’ kind of way. My run was alright, just a Waterlink Way run to Deptford to take Hector to his swimming lesson (irritation number 1, he freaked out and wouldn’t get in with a new teacher and we had an audience as we dealt with this parental challenge). I noticed at least five shopping trolleys in the river – but no camera handy – and figured it must be due to proximity to Tesco and the high concrete sides that limit access to retrieve them. So, it was just over four miles, in the rain, with a break – not a relaxing one – in the middle and a full-on cold to boot.

A hearty a re-energising lunch of baked beans and poached egg on toast was had and a plan was made to go to the library and find a DVD to watch tonight and sit and have a read. Here irritation number 2 took place: Hector became a mischief-causing whirlwind and I ended up storming out with him under my arm. Ahem. He promptly had a really long and messy nose-bleed and we all calmed down while we dealt with it (not really an irritation, just a challenge). A kind lady came over to offer advice: ‘If you want his nose to stop bleeding, you need to tip his head back and apply ice’. The ice was a great idea (there is a cafe at the library), but tipping his head back is wrong, we’ve dealt with these nosebleeds many times now, and know the score, so we had to not make eye-contact with the lady as we ignored her advice. We returned to the children’s section once the flood had subsided and enjoyed a cosy read and all was well again.

To redeem himself, Hector is doing his special pizzas with Daddy and I can smell red pepper roasting and hear that goat’s cheese is also on the menu…mmmmmm! And breathe.

Distance: 4.21 miles

Time: 40 minutes 34 seconds

Average Pace: 9.38

Best Pace: 3.38

Calories: 435