Paint your own blue sky!

Oh, how wet it is out there today. My school run run was a drizzly one which I decided to prolong for my own benefit: I could have run straight home, had a shower, jumped on my bike and got wet again cycling to the paint shop but, instead, I decided to run home via the paint shop and complete my run with tin of paint in tow. I wouldn’t recommend it, I had it nestling under my arm – which I had to keep swapping – and was slightly worried that I might drop it and have a blue stream trailing behind me. As it was, the paint got a little extra shake which I figured could only be a good thing.

'Brighton' blue for our kitchen wall

There has been is always a lot of talk over on Twitter, between Travelling Hopefully and myself mainly, about the baking god that is Dan Lepard. Now Cassie is on some sort of baking mission and working her way through his marvellous new ‘Short and Sweet’, whereas I sat and leafed through  my copy last night with a cup of tea and couldn’t even begin to decide where to start (I did have some bread baking in the oven as I did this, so I’m not entirely bake-averse). This morning I did brave the rain once more to go out and buy today’s Guardian which features some lovely ‘comfort food’ recipes by the lovely Dan himself:

Comfort and joy

There’s no question on where to start there: Marmalade Chelsea Buns anyone?

Distance: 3.82 miles

Time: 37 minutes 47 seconds

Average Pace: 9.53

Best Pace: 6.33

Calories: 412


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