The one that almost didn’t happen

And on Day 25 as well!

When I collected Hector from the school bus yesterday afternoon, I could see straight away that he wasn’t well: his face was all red and puffy and he took ages to get off (he is normally first off, no matter where on the bus he is sitting!). I took him slowly home, had a cuddle then took his temperature – it was very close to 40 degrees – and he slept all evening on the sofa. So today was spent on the sofa, with his duvet, reading a mountain of books and attempting to get him to eat something. This did mean that my school run didn’t happen and today’s Janathon would have to wait until Edward got home.

I’m not Scottish, I’m Welsh, but I do like joining in the Burn’s Night celebrations by indulging in some haggis, tatties and (pars)neeps. My plan was that Edward would arrive home mid-cooking time, I would go for my run, eat dinner then put Hector to bed. In reality Edward was late home, Hector became hotter and hotter (39.7) and I was worried he was really ill. We quietly ate our dinner, Hector nibbling on some parsnips but refusing to touch the haggis (I told Edward it was a daft idea showing him what it looks like when you cut the skin!) and my run was pushed further and further back.

I stood in the hall, saying it would be such a shame not to complete the month and Edward said – with a cheeky smile – ‘It must be hard sometimes, they can’t all be easy runs, it wouldn’t be a challenge if they were’. Well, at least he doesn’t employ the use of a water pistol to get me out of the house.

Distance: 3.02 miles

Time: 30 minutes 10 seconds

Average Pace: 10.00

Best Pace: 7.31

Calories: 310