Woof woof!

That’s me, barking like a seal. If someone asks my advice about running with a cold, I always say: ‘If it’s above the neck go for it, run it off! If it’s below the neck then rest’. Of course, I ignore my own advice and just keep going, it is Janathon after all. Actually, this was another one of those runs I really wouldn’t have done if it wasn’t for Janathon. I’ve been running through this cold all week but today I’ve felt rotten, another day spent caring for a small – slightly more robust and healthy – boy, and going out in the cold wasn’t what I had in mind for my Friday evening. I did it though, a bit better than last night: two miles which felt easier than last night’s one!

I will now retire with my tissues, a mug of tea and some Friday night comedy to cheer me up.

Distance: 2.02 miles

Time: 20 minutes 19 seconds

Average Pace: 10.05

Best Pace: 7.50

Calories: 212


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