Mum Flu

It’s like Man Flu only you keep on going because you also have to look after a poorly child. I woke with the most unbelievable headache so there was no chance of me getting a run out of the way first thing, so it got put back and then further back and then so far back that I decided not to run. I was shivering, sweating, shaking and coughing my guts up so running really did seem like a silly thing to do under the circumstances. Edward looked genuinely shocked and a bit sad: ‘But you’ve never ‘failed’ an athon!’.

I ate my dinner, put Hector to bed, then put on my running gear with Edward’s baggy jacket on top to cover up my shivery body. It was a mile, it hurt, my head felt like it might pop, but my Janathon is saved.

Distance: 1.01 miles

Time: 10 minutes 14 seconds

Average Pace: 10.09

Best Pace: 4.16

Calories: 64


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