So, Janathon is over for another year. Well done to everyone who took part, no matter what mode of ‘transport’ you took, it’s all about the support, the encouragement and the virtual group hug. Well, my own Janathon didn’t go quite to plan and I feel slightly disappointed about this: I was all set to hit 100 miles this week, but have been slowed down, knocked out and reduced to short one mile runs for the past few days. Word of advice for future Janathon/Juneathoners: don’t hang out with poorly young ‘uns, it’ll end in tears.

We have both been feeling slightly better today, with no fever and no day time sleeping going on, but I still wish I could take a breath lower than my chest. Today’s run was once again set to the darkness hour due to Edward’s weekly footie fun, so it was another mile in the freezing cold, followed by some very hard coughing in the hall.

So tomorrow is February, what’s next?

Distance: 1.01 miles

Time: 10 minutes 04 seconds

Average Pace: 9.55

Best Pace: 8.03

Calories: 29

Last year I ran 130 miles during Janathon, I just looked at my total mileage for this month and went ‘Grrrrr’: 88 miles run. So near to 100, but no chance of heading out for a 12 miler right now I’m afraid. That’ll do.


7 thoughts on “Da-daaahhh!

  1. Borntoshuffle says:

    Well done!!! I’m just getting the dreaded cold – occupational hazard of teaching infant child I suppose! Great efforts good luck with your continued runs

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