Posted by: fitartist | February 18, 2012

Only a week late

It’s been a busy week, but not for running. It has been Hector’s half-term holiday, so mostly spent playing with Lego, being bossed about by someone very small and queueing up for an hour and a half at the South Bank Centre for a children’s super-hero workshop (really, they need to rethink how they run these events, you can’t make children queue up for ANY length of time!). I did go for a run last Sunday and have been mostly recovering from this bloody chest infection thingie that is just not going away – we have both been ill for weeks now but will hopefully be back to full health soon.

I have to cast my mind back a week now. It was cold, I even put on a hat for the first time this winter. It didn’t look snowy or icy but, as soon as I stepped out of our front door, I realised it was incredibly icy. The whole run was a sheet of black ice ahead of me, not great for speed, but I wasn’t looking for speed. I wanted to run further than the school run three miles I’ve been doing recently, but also wanted to spot trolleys and take photos (during Janathon, Travelling Hopefully featured a trolley photo in my honour, so I needed to return the photographic favour).

I was treading very carefully as I headed out towards Greenwich, taking in the Waterlink Way that snakes alongside the DLR line out of Lewisham, a prime Trolley Spotting stretch. Every so often my feet would slip from under me and I was reminded to take it easy and, as I turned around in Greenwich and ran alongside the water, I had to hold onto the railings to stop myself from falling! I thought I might struggle to extend my distance after sticking to short runs for so long (and with a chesty cough still restricting all attempts to breathe deeply), but I found it pleasantly easy and returned feeling refreshed and happy as I saw what the boys had been up to in my absence.

Check out the concentration

Distance: 6.17 miles

Time: 1 hour 3 minutes 39 seconds

Average Pace: 10.19

Best Pace: 8.03

Calories: 703

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  1. In our house abandoned trolleys in water are called trolley birds! So many abandoned ones makes you wonder how the supermarkets are doing without them. Hope chest infetion thingie goes soon.

    • Thank you, strong drugs and extra brown inhaler puffs should bat this bug down! I know, when I was doing the Trolley Spotting project, I found out that each shopping trolley costs hundreds of pounds, so it’s in the interest of the supermarkets to keep track of them!

  2. I’m impressed, I looked at the queue and decided to distract them away! Hope you’re feeling better soon.

    • It was absurd. We had talked about this workshop for a while, so Hector really wanted to stay, not really grasping that we would be queueing for such a long time. He was amazing though, only complaining when we got close to the front and it was lunch time 😦 After waiting that long, he quickly made his outfit and said: ‘Let’s go now’!

  3. Ah, half term. I am still in recovery I think. My wife decided to start a new job in half term, leaving me looking after the kids! And the eldest started the week being sick. I too seem to spend much of my time playing lego (admittedly not to the standards your son has set!) and trying to fit some exercise in.

    As for queues – never go to a “meet Peppa Pig” event, not unless you want to stand in a shopping centre for 2 hours to then watch as your child is suddenly terrified by a giant pig when it finally comes to photo time!

    • Oh yes, I know that sort of reaction! I simply wouldn’t go near anything with a costumed character, no matter how much my son likes them, he’d just hide behind my legs!

  4. All those abandoned trolleys – what a waste! Great run consdering your illness, I wish you all a speedy recovery.

    • Thank you! Much better now, and enjoying the running again.

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