Let her eat cake. And bread. And buns.

It’s been a good week for running. Odd really, when I spent over an hour waiting at the doctor’s on Monday (I had an appointment!) to have my knee checked out. It has been ‘giving me gyp’ for months and months now, mostly when I go up and downstairs but not – thankfully – when I am running. Last week this changed and it all started to feel a bit unstable as I ran and my knee looked a bit swollen, enough to prompt me to see the doctor. It seems I have patellofemoral pain syndrome, which is apparently common amongst runners (I hadn’t told him I was a runner, he must have clocked my athletic physique as I hobbled into the room). He is referring me to a physio which he admitted might take sixteen weeks to happen. In the meantime I am doing various exercises after running to strengthen my quads and hips and waiting patiently to consult an expert. I had thought the problem arose from my constant kneeling when I play with Hector and also moving to a house with stairs having lived on the ground floor for years and, as it hadn’t given me any trouble whilst running, I had been quite dismissive. Anyway, things have improved and I am going to just carry on as normal for now.

I have been continuing my lovely school run but had the sad realisation this week that it will soon be over: the Easter holidays begin in a week and a half and, after the holidays, the children will move into a lovely new building just a short walk from our house and our routine will change again. It does mean Hector will be able to cycle to and from school, which he will no doubt enjoy, but I might have to give myself a bit more motivation to get a run in after dropping him off. I think I might have found a motivation on my run the other morning. I decided to pop over the ‘spirally footbridge’ into the other section of park and noticed a ‘Run England’ sign on the notice board, I stopped to have a nosey and saw that there is a free course taking place in a couple of weeks. The deadline for applications was Wednesday so I quickly got on the case. It seems I have got a place on the ‘Leadership in Running Fitness‘ course at the end of the month, and this will allow me to start my own running group. In return for the council/mayor-funded place, I will commit to 20 hours of voluntary work, which I am really looking forward to. I have wanted to do something like this for a while so I’m glad I added that extra mile to my run last week and spotted the sign!

In other news there has been some lively chatter over on Twitter. Cathy Jogblog was asking if people wanted a challenge for April, which involved running a mile for every alcoholic drink you consume. As I don’t really drink that much (actually, I do drink more than I used to, but not enough to warrant a challenge) it was decided that I could substitute drink for cake, but really, I know I like cake, but I don’t eat that much! I seem to have settled on baked goods – there’s a lot of bread being baked here at the moment and check out these little chaps I made yesterday:

Cathy suggested the name ‘Viceathon’ for this particular challenge, so participants can tailor it to their own particular over-undulgences. I am sure she will be writing up a blog post with lots of information soon, so check out Jogblog to find out what’s in store. If you haven’t joined in any of the ‘athons’ before, you should, its’ a great way to motivate yourself to run and you get lots and lots of support.

This morning I could have lounged around the house reading the paper and eating baked goods, but I decided to go for run number six while Edward and Hector went for a swim (H is swimming proper now: head under water, breast-stroke arms, no floats and everything, I’m ever so proud!). I popped in my headphones and did a warm-up circuit of Ladywell Fields then headed upwards towards Hilly Fields. It felt like hard work going up that hill but, for some reason, I took this as a signal to tackle it head on and ran up and down four times. As I plodded down, puffing and panting for the fourth time, I thought ‘Go for it, do another!’ so I did.

Distance: 4 miles

Time: 40 minutes 37 seconds

Average Pace: 10.09

Best Pace: 7.21

Calories: 489


2 thoughts on “Let her eat cake. And bread. And buns.

    • fitartist says:

      I know, I’m a bit excited about this! I had looked at the course before, but couldn’t afford it, so it’s great that I stumbled across the funded one. I will be blogging about the whole process.

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