Make a Difference Month

I’ve been doing this Juneathon (and now Janathon) thing a while now. I gave 2007 a miss as I was about to give birth on June 29th, so running every day just seemed daft, but I watched from the sidelines. In 2008 I was slightly distracted by a small boy, but managed a bit of running (with the running buggy) but not a full quota of blogs. In 2009 I was back in action, feeling strong after my first post-baby marathon and enjoying the challenge once more. 2010 was my winning year, though I find it odd to think that I ‘won’ Juneathon when we now have people who regularly run in a week what I did in a month! Last year I made the difficult decision not to join in Juneathon – our June is now like an additional December, with lots of family gatherings and celebrations around Hector’s birthday and I just couldn’t see how I could fit it all in. This June is just as busy, with our Big Lunch street party this Sunday, our best friends’ wedding in a few weeks then the biggest and best dinosaur party Ladywell has ever seen at the end of the month but I am not letting this stop me fulfilling my running/blogging commitments this time, JogBlog wouldn’t like that.

When you’ve been ticking off the June miles this long, it’s hard to make it fresh, give it new meaning, so some runners set themselves additional challenges (as if running and blogging every day wasn’t enough!). We have Fairweather Runner who includes a lovely little Lego scene in each post, there’s Cake of Good Hope, who delights us with chocolate bar charts and cake graphs and, this year, Cassie over at Travelling Hopefully is embarking on a treasure hunt. I can’t promise anything as entertaining and exciting as that, but I will promise to do my best (once a Brownie, always a Brownie). What I’ve decided to do this month is make a difference. This could be something as simple as helping a neighbour, lending a hand/skill, or something a little more challenging such as the street party, something that brings people together. I will do my best at home too: being a bit more patient with the 5-going-on-fifteen-year-old and stepping back when I get wound up by this particular challenge. As for my running, this is going to be bigger and better too. The other evening I joined the local leisure centre. I am lucky enough to have a running track and gym right at the end of my road and now I can go there as much as I like 🙂 Today I am taking some measurements, I thought about putting them on here, but that’s way too public for my liking, so they’re going in my diary and any changes at the end of the month will be revealed here.

About this time of year, I like to make miles and miles of bunting

This morning I did the school run: I ran hard up Blythe Hill and paused briefly at the top to turn and look at the incredible view of London. I then did a few circuits of Ladywell Fields, popped home to grab a towel and a drink and did a session at the gym: stepper for 20 minutes then 40 minutes or so of weights/abs. Feeling good!

Distance run: 3.01 miles

Time: 29 minutes 39 seconds

Average Pace: 9.51

Best Pace: 6.50

Calories: 365