I was awake at 2.30 this  morning, wide awake. As soon as I stirred my mind went into overdrive and I ended up getting out of bed and writing some lists in an attempt to clear my head. This all took about two hours. Needless to say I was a bit low on energy this morning, but there was so much to do! My morning was spent sewing up beanbags for our Jubilympics tomorrow, trying to find stuff in the spare room (never an easy task since it’s a pile of boxes randomly labelled with the wrong information), and then I decided I should run while the going was good. In my search of ‘the box room’ I found my tripod, something Hector used to enjoy playing with when he was little(r), but now he really put it to its intended use and set off to the adventure playground where he took some great photos including these:

A running me, pausing

An action shot of Edward

While they entertained themselves, I ran a few miles with my list still ever-present in my mind: in my Fleetfoot ll bag were some carefully placed scissors and a plastic bag and, when I had run enough, I stopped at one of the many heavily laden elderflower bushes and snipped away busily, I had promised local elderflower cordial for our Big Lunch after all.

Cordial in the making

On my return the post was delivered and I was delighted to receive an unexpected present and card from Edward: the card featured a lovely picture of a medal, and the message was wishing me well in my fitness endeavours at the gym and ‘See attached for recovery aid’…

I am going to share it you know, honest.

He knows me well.

Distance run: 3.41 miles

Time: 32 minutes 01 seconds

Average Pace: 9.24

Best Pace: 6.10

Calories: 413

7 thoughts on “Lists

  1. fitartist says:

    It’s dead easy to make the cordial, but you need to be quick, they flowers are at their best about now! I got my recipe from the BBC website and it makes enough to give a bottle to a friend (or neighbour as I did).

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