Party like it’s 1952!

This might be brief, I’m so knackered I’m going to go to bed in a minute. Today was our second Big Lunch Street Party, this year with a slight, but not entirely Jubilee theme. I knew it was going to be a challenging kind of day, so I leapt – sort of – out of bed and ran around the park in the rain, just me and two elderly gentleman who each gave me a jolly ‘Hello!’ and wide smile every time I passed them, it’s an early-morning-on-a-Sunday-in-the-rain thing. Breakfast was eaten, then I started to stumble over everything I tried to do, it was like I simply couldn’t go fast enough. I decided I ought to decorate the front of our house to signify that the party was still on – I had been receiving calls and texts from people saying things like ‘I assume it’s been cancelled’, even one of our neighbours who has helped organise the event looked slightly disappointed at my enthusiasm to go ahead! I had looked at the weather forecast -slightly obsessively – during the week, so had tried to borrow gazebos and, as we managed to get quite good coverage, we ended up with a steady stream of people and some amazing food. Again.

The street come out to party

Gayle’s amazing cake. Oh, just realised I didn’t get any!

We held some events to entertain the children and Hector was delighted to win the snail race! He was given the smallest snail and things didn’t look good when someone poked it in the face and it retreated into its shell, but it recovered quickly and came back to a strong finish.

Proud winner

Distance run: 3.03 miles

Time: 31 minutes 06 seconds

Average Pace: 10.17

Best Pace: 7.45

Calories: 372