A Queen, an owl and The Red Arrows

It’s been an odd sort of day! We had planned a while ago to meet some friends today at the British Museum, so off we went to Charing Cross and right into the middle of the Jubilee celebrations. There was no way we could cross The Strand until Edward spotted a foot tunnel and, as we surfaced, the crowd started to cheer. ‘Get on Daddy’s shoulders, it’s the Queen!’ I shouted.

My view of the Queen

After this little bit of excitement, we wandered through the closed streets and got caught up in the atmosphere, enjoying all the police motorbikes and the general sense of fun. When we reached the British Museum, we found our friends and the falconry display was about to start. Edward joined some of Hector’s friends in lying down on the ground to have birds of prey fly over them, then we all cooed over this little lovely:

A twelve-day-old owl

In true British Bank Holiday style, we took our picnic down into the basement and spread ourselves out in the schools picnic area (a really good spot to know about if you need somewhere to shelter and eat on a rainy day). It was lovely to catch up with our North London friends and share some delicious scones that Hector and Edward had made before we left. We then did some ‘making’ in the Great Hall, the craft activities are always really good there. Hector sat beautifully and made a finger puppet and a crown, much to my delight, I think the influence of his friends was having a positive creative effect on him.

King of the castle

Our journey home was broken up in a rainy Trafalgar Square, Edward and Hector weren’t keen, but I’m glad I pushed to stay because we got to see this:

The Red Arrows!!!

Hector has wanted to see The Red Arrows for a long time now, so this was a real treat greeted with cries of ‘Again! Again! Again!’.

This was not something that could be applied to my run. Oh, how I wished I had gone out this morning, but instead I had to abandon the boys, who were snuggled up watching a film, and go out in the pouring rain, even the couple of dogs that I saw looked pissed off at being out in it. At one point I felt a stone slip into my shoe and I thought: ‘Can I live with this stone in my shoe? I really don’t want to stop’.

Distance run: 3.04 miles

Time: 31 minutes 08 seconds

Average Pace: 10.15

Best Pace: 7.25

Calories: 371