This Gym Lark

After the past couple of evenings spent traipsing around in the (bloody) rain, I decided I must get my run done early today and then I could relax and enjoy my evening. Edward and Hector were all set to have some proper manly fun going to the rubbish dump in a hire car to dump the remaining bits of our old kitchen that have been clogging up our side return for months. I took this as my cue to head over to the gym. I was all full of good intention, and started to line up my Audiofuel music to run around the track to, but found that, although I had charged up my iPod Shuffle, I had also left it switched on and it hard run back down again. No matter how much I tried to convince myself it would be ok, there was no way I was running around the track with no music and nobody shouting at me, so I went into the gym thinking ‘I will have to go running later’. So there I was on the stepper thingy and lo and behold, there, right next to me was a treadmill! A treadmill! I hadn’t thought of running on a treadmill! The thing is, I go to what seems to be a pensioners’ gym and, with  me and another younger chap, the average age was brought down to about 65 and this means the treadmill is usually being walked on in slow motion, so my running had to happen after my weights, so things were a bit of a muddle. Now, it’s been a long time since I’ve run on a treadmill, so I need to get the hang of the programming bit again and take control, as it was, the treadmill was bossing me about and I ended up walking towards the end because it wouldn’t let me run.

Distance: 4.96 km

Time: 35 mins (?!)

Calories: 381


This afternoon a chap came to level our kitchen floor ahead of fitting our lovely new flooring tomorrow, but this meant we couldn’t go in there and had to make ourselves scarce. It was pouring with rain, so we decided to go bowling! Oh, how chavtastic the Lewisham bowling place is. Once we’d got over that, we had a jolly good time. Hector won of course (we weren’t letting him, he just has an ability to win at everything, though he wasn’t happy that he didn’t get a strike EVERY time.

About to strike!

I was pretty lame really, and had to use a light, girly ball and I’m sure I will ache tomorrow.

The scores on the doors

We then decided the floor still wouldn’t be dry enough to walk on so, oh well, went to the pub for dinner 🙂 I know I’m a lightweight, but I’m sure I was seeing birds in my pint…

Waiter, waiter, there’s a swan in my drink!