A stitch in time

This evening I had my first case of Juneathonpanic. Regular Athoners will be familiar with this state: you are happily going about your everyday stuff when you are gripped with a sudden feeling of panic: ‘I haven’t run today!’ goes through your mind until you think back slowly through your day and remember that you have in fact been running. Phew.

It wasn’t much fun, that earlier run. I kept looking out at the wind and stalling and, when I did get out there, I felt dreadful. It was one of those head down and get on with it sort of runs until I was convinced I was having a heart attack – a sharp aching pain to the top left of my rib cage. ‘I hope one of the dog-walkers calls an ambulance’ I thought. A good side stretch later and I was on my way. I think it’s just Day 9 lethargy setting in.

Distance: 3.02 miles

Time: 31 mins 51 secs

Average Pace: 10.32

Calories: 370

(I am typing this on an iPad so please excuse the general state of it)


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