Wrong head

There was some more stalling going on today, I’ve been feeling a bit weird: aching all over, headache, sort of flu-like but without the cough/nose/throat bit, so it took a lot of effort to get out there this morning. Again. I think I have to accept that I will succumb to illness during each of the Athons, it’s the way. So I got into my gear and remembered that my HRM strap seems to have a flat battery (discovered during yesterday’s heart-attack moment), our washing machine is still in the living room after the new floor being laid, so the clothes were a bit wrong and, when I went to put my contact lenses in, I found that one of them was torn. I wasn’t keen on running in my nice new glasses, so rooted out my old ones only to discover that they were covered in paint, scrape, scrape, scrape. It all felt a bit wrong. I relayed all this crap to Edward, who simply said: ‘Wrong head’ and I felt right again, or at least more willing to snap out of it and make an effort.

It was funny because, once I got out there are started running (and got used to the ‘looking through a letter box’ effect of my old glasses) I felt much, much better. The aching eased and I had a good run. It just goes to show that a run can really do you good if you can get past that initial ambivalence.

This afternoon we went with our neighbour up to the Horniman Museum to see some World Music in the gardens. We dug our heels into the mud and ignored the odd shower and heard some really interesting stuff. One of the bands is a favourite of Hector’s and he showed off his top moves near the stage:

Bustin’ some moves

Distance run: 3.31 miles

Time: 34 minutes

Average Pace: 10.17

Best Pace: 8.09

Calories: 409