Treading lightly

I dragged myself to the doctor’s this morning and it seems I have a viral infection. He told me to dose up on paracetamol and ibuprofen for the next few days and see how it goes, if I’m still unwell at the end of the week I should go back. I couldn’t bring myself to ask if I should Juneathon though, having more or less decided that I wouldn’t anyway. Yesterday though, when I ran, I felt better. Looking out of the window this morning, I didn’t feel like running at all, but lying under a blanket on the sofa. I then remembered that treadmill thing again. It took a while, but eventually I stopped procrastinating and put on some sporty clothes and headed over to the gym. I ran for 20 minutes/2.72kms on the tready, which converts to 1.69 miles, 20 minutes on the stepper and a few leg weights. I was also witness to some gym instructor wisdom whilst there. The elderly gentleman who likes to keep his coat on asked the instructor about breathing: ‘What you should do is breathe out when you’re exerting yourself and in when relaxing’ and to illustrate this, he went on to say: ‘Like, you know when you go to take a dump? You don’t breathe in do you?’


Distance: 1.69 miles

Time: 20 minutes

Calories: 216

20 minutes stepper and about half an hour weights.


7 thoughts on “Treading lightly

  1. jogblog says:

    I love the gym instructor’s advice!

    Better than the doctor’s stock advice of ‘ibruprofen and painkillers’ which is what the doctor here told Shaun to take for his broken ribs (until Shaun told him he could feel bits moving around and then the doctor took it a bit more seriously and booked him in for an ultrasound).

    • fitartist says:

      It’s not advice you will forget is it?! I must say, the double painkiller dose has worked for me today, but Shaun obviously has other things going on, I hope it gets sorted soon.

  2. Mairead van Gils says:

    Hope you feel better soon, you’re tough as nails to be still doing some activity. Laughter is the best medicine though and you’re not short fo that at your gym 😉

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