Looking up

As opposed to looking down – it seems people are flagging and there is a sense of downness about the place, well I am going to buck this trend by looking up. The good news is over on thereisasixpackunderhere, where Susan is getting even closer to her six-pack self in her excellent Juneathon 6km+ challenge, it really is working! Some upward gazing took place on this morning’s run as I managed to go in a big old circle around Brockley and Ladywell Cemeteries, exceeding all previous meanderings. When eventually I located an exit (it really isn’t that big you know), I headed up the hill of Hilly Fields as covered in last night’s Parkrun meet-up. I think the course is going to be a good one, though the off-path sections could prove very muddy in wetter weather. When we walked the route last night I was surprised how boring I am in my Hilly Fields runs, never having been up one or two of the paths we took, so I was surprised this morning when I found myself following a woman along the grass, taking pretty much the same route as we had worked out. I would never think of going that way! After a couple of loops I headed home to collect my gym stuff then did some of that there stepper thingy and some heavy weights (not really heavy, just heavy for me, though I have discovered I have incredibly strong inner thighs – I keep having to add more and more weight to satisfy their clenching needs).

Does anybody need any nuts cracking?

Distance: 3.31 miles

Time: 37 minutes 04 seconds

Average Pace: 11.12

Best Pace: 8.15

Calories: 421

(I seem to have slowed down over the past few days, but then I am ill. Cough, cough)

Stepper: 20 minutes

Weights: 45 minutes


4 thoughts on “Looking up

    • Adele says:

      Not gymming every day, it takes too much bloody time! It will be interesting to see how this changes my body shape (hopefully it will!), all this running and nothing changes, but the weights should make a difference.

  1. Helen says:

    I was I had strong inner thighs! Well done Adele, I wouldn’t worry about being a bit slower today – still a reasonable distance AND gym work too. Hardcore!

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