Just passing

Today I limited myself to just a run. Yesterday I felt weird and light-headed and had the most horrible headache that I still hadn’t shaken at bedtime. I know I’ve been ill this week but I do think it was partly to do with not eating enough, yes, you read right, I don’t think I ate enough. Now that is unusual. I wasn’t really accounting for the fact that I was probably exercising for about two hours in total and just had soup for lunch – by the time it came to making dinner, I was chomping on lumps of cheese to keep me going! Today was a different matter: a three mile run and enough food to restore my energy levels.

I needed the extra time I might have spent in the gym to enjoy dipping into our friends’ (upcoming) wedding playlist and dancing around the living room by myself, then composing myself before I headed over to school for my first assisted reading session, this is where I volunteer to listen to small people while they read and offer encouragement and guidance. It felt like a big responsibility to read with someone else’s child, so I took it slowly and gently.

Right now I am one of many football widows.

Distance: 3 miles

Time: 32 minutes 25 seconds

Average pace: 10.48

Calories: 369