Row, row, row…

…your rowing machine gently down the gym. I decided to go all gymmy today and went straight there after dropping Hector off at school and ran on the treadmill instead of outside in the sunshine. Hmmmm, this might sound a bit daft, but I have now got a nasty, chesty cough and thought I’d ‘take it easy’. So it was 2.7km of running. I then went all radical and decided to have a go on the rowing machine. It’s been a very long time, but I was soon back in the swing of things and quite enjoyed it. I then took sideways glances at the dreadful, yet compelling, Jeremy Kyle show whilst lifting various weights and bobbing up and down on a Swiss ball.

Distance: 2.29 miles

Time: 25 minutes (some of this was in that ‘cool down’ bit where you are made to walk in slow motion)

Rowing machine: 2000m in 10 minutes

Weights: 45 minutes


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