Posted by: fitartist | June 21, 2012


I’m all of a muddle today. So much to do and so little time. You would think it would be easy to find a thin red belt in the many women’s clothes shops of Lewisham wouldn’t you? Well, no. Today’s Juneathon effort mostly involved traipsing, and I’m not a happy traipser, so it was heavy traipsing at that. Orange belts, yes. Pink belts, yes. Brown, gold and white belts, yes, yes, yes. At one point I thought I had completed my mission: I was in TKMaxx – my idea of hell – and spotted something resembling a thin red belt, well it was slightly orangey, but it would do. There was no price tag, but I queued up anyway only for the woman at the till to say: ‘Oh no, you can’t have this, it’s come off a dress or something’ before putting it under the counter, probably to be put in a basket in a storeroom for ever more. I ventured into H&M: ‘Hello, do you have any thin red belts?’ I enquired of the two girls nonchalantly moving clothes from one end of a rail to the other, ‘Nah, no red. You could try Markses’. There were no thin red belts to be found over in Markses. At this point I did something I never do, I went to Primark. And there it was, one thin red belt, for a pound! I also got Hector some trousers ‘like Dad’s’ and off I hopped, swinging my brown paper bag with glee. To build on the aerobic effect of heavy traipsing I rode my bike there and back, with the return journey having the added danger of my brown paper bag swinging on the handlebars and a long roll of wrapping paper wedged between my thumb and hand-grip.

Miles cycled: about two

Miles traipsed: about six



  1. Ah ha success!!

  2. OH my I had EAXCTLY the same day last Thursday, looking for a thin nude belt. I went to monsoon, next, debenhams, marks, new look, topshop and ended up in Primarni where I got 2 for £4!! They are the best for cheap flash fashion!

  3. Do they have plain black belts? I’ve been hunting high and low…

  4. Ha! I’m glad it’s not just me experiencing belt angst! Abradypus – get yourself over there, they have many, many belts, mostly tacky, but some more tasteful ones can be found. And you’ll even have change left over for a coffee in Markses 😉

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