Juneathon done. Sort of.

I know, I know, I haven’t blogged in over a week, but I have been up and at ’em. I knew that last weekend would be a tricky one, running/blogging-wise – we were off up to our very special friends’ wedding, which they were holding in their garden, decorating and catering themselves and would need some good, focussed hands-on friends to get them to the, erm, garden on time. I packed my running gear but, when it came to it, I realised it would be plain rude to saunter off into the surrounding fields and leave everyone else to it, so the gear stayed firmly in the bag. It was an amazing day, truly amazing, the whole place looked magical and our friends had really worked hard at making everything just perfect. One of my jobs on the morning of the wedding was to lovingly fill these beautiful cannoli that Jackie had made. I felt slightly nervous, not wanting to get it wrong, and certainly not wanting to break any (though that would have meant getting to sample them).

Beautiful cannoli, they remind me of Venice

In the meantime, Edward and Hector helped Ben set up the marquee, Edward hung bunting and lights and Hector set tables, laid out cushions and carried vases of flowers across the garden from the house. It all looked incredible.

The marquee taking shape

As the day went on, my role changed (and so did I, in the tent, how glamorous) and I read a poem under the trees then – nervously – gave a speech, which made people cry, but thankfully not me this time! We danced our socks off until the early hours then flopped, exhausted but happy into our leaking, soggy tent.

This week has been another busy one, with Hector’s birthday on Friday, which was also the Olympic World Sport Day at school. I frantically constructed a costume for Hector to wear on the day – a BMX racer outfit – whilst getting on with organising his dinosaur birthday party. This involved lots of hurried cycles to the shops to pick up odds and ends and I continued my school run/gym visits, no slacking from me on the activity front, just the blogging.

BMX Racer birthday boy (you can’t really see the Union Jack detailing here…)

Hector really enjoyed his Olympic Day at school, trying out lots of activities (apparently with his bike helmet and elbow and knee pads still on!) and he was rather pleased to get a certificate for his ‘excellent costume’ 🙂 ‘Not everybody got a certificate Mum’. Saturday was full-on: entertaining a group of five-year-olds is quite a challenge, they are party pros and want everything laid out and MUST have things such as pass-the-parcel. I think Edward is still traumatised and never wants the responsibility of doing the music for pass-the-parcel again – he was questioned by an irate five-year-old who didn’t think he did it fairly!

Dino Hunter in the undergrowth

And, of course, Edward did us proud once again with this beautiful cake:

Edible dinosaur dig

So, although I didn’t manage to blog every day of Juneathon, I have certainly gone for it activity-wise. At the beginning of the month I weighed myself and took some ‘vital statistics’. I did the same today and found that, even though I have eaten my way through a Big Lunch Street Party, a wedding and a birthday party in June, I have still managed to work off about two pounds in weight and an inch all over! Woohoo! Slow but steady. Well done to all those who took part in Juneathon and in particular those who managed to go the distance and have gained confidence, fitness and friends along the way.


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