Cool – but slightly damp – camping

It’s that time of year again, where I find myself drooling over camping equipment and family tents. If you read my recent post about our very lovely friends’ very lovely wedding, you might remember that we had a less than comfortable camping experience that weekend. We only got our tent two summers ago and have probably only had it out in the open for a total of about two weeks, so were a bit shocked and very disappointed when it started letting in rain all over our clothes, bedding and nice wedding clothes. I know the rain was heavy, but it’s supposed to be a good quality all-season tent, so you expect to at least have one dry night away! We were pitching it in quite a cramped corner of the garden, so it might not have been as tightly stretched as it could be, but that’s no excuse for the water levels in the various plastic tubs we put under the biggest drips/waterfalls.

Getting it up

Of course, the weather following that weekend has been rubbish, so any attempts at drying it out in the garden have been interrupted by panicky shouting of: ‘Get the tent in! It’s raining again!’. Edward did have a go at drying out our bedding on a deflating air-bed (another camping disappointment!) the morning after the wedding, but I think that was just an excuse to have a lie-down.

Drying out

It’s very tempting to just go out and buy a replacement tent, and I’ve been having a good look at some nice 4 man tents on Craigdon Mountain Sports. I do like the Vangos, but might steer clear next time! This Outwell is rather lovely – we did look at Outwells when we were buying ours, but they seemed expensive, I suppose you should expect that when you get a special Outwell doormat included. Before we go out and invest hundreds of pounds in a new tent, I have been trying to win one on the Cool Camping Facebook page…we’ll see, I am feeling lucky! While I’m at it, I might as well waterproof myself a bit better, since any camping trip in the UK is bound to encounter rain at the moment. I do have a nice Berghaus, but I find it a bit warm in the summer (ha, summer!) and wondered if a North Face Jacket might offer more breathability. This women’s hooded jacket is rather nice, and would be cool out and about.

In the meantime, I might look into pitching our tent in the garden, spraying the hose on it (yes, the hose-pipe ban has been lifted, before you report me to Thames Water), and see where the offending floodgate is. Any thoughts on additional waterproofing options, or should we just give in to the lure of the Outwell?


3 thoughts on “Cool – but slightly damp – camping

  1. walktassie says:

    check to see if the seams on the fly are taped and sealed properly, you can buy a sealant that looks like silicone and paint it on with a paint brush. If its not the seams you can buy a fly sealer that you apply by washing the fly. there is a spray on sealant but they wear out quickly.

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