Need for speed

In sixteen weeks I am going to be 40! I know, I know, I don’t look a day over – insert flattering number, please – but it’s true, and in celebration of this turning point in my life, I am going to attempt to get a 5k PB. My current 5k PB is around 26 minutes and was set many years ago when I was younger, slimmer and had more time to devote to such things but, having a quick glance over more recent 5k times on the Parkrun website, I can see that I ran a 27.30 race at Finsbury Park, so I can use this as a guide to what I might be able to achieve these days. This Saturday sees the inaugural Hilly Fields Parkrun, at which I will be playing the role of Race Director, so will be involved with something exciting and witnessing people improving their times as the weeks pass and they get used to the, erm, ‘undulating’ course – I might even get to run it myself occasionally.

So, how am I going to achieve this goal? Tomorrow is back-to-school day, so I will be able to get back into my school run/gym routine that has sadly fallen by the wayside during the holidays, and I will commit to running intervals on the track once a week – to run faster, you need to run faster, isn’t that right? I was secretly delighted last night when Edward informed me that he will be taking a short break from his weekly five-a-side football in four weeks’ time and won’t return until the new year. This means I will be able go to our local running club – I say this in a high-pitched, excited sort of voice because I’ve wanted to join a club for a very long time 🙂 – and do a track session led by a proper coach and everything! Whoop, whoop! I think, putting all of this together, I can see that PB in the distance and, on the day before my birthday (30th December), I will be tackling those hills at the Parkrun and crashing past that 26 minute mark. There, I’ve said it now, and you will hold me to it won’t you? I welcome any tips and ideas too.


6 thoughts on “Need for speed

  1. Highway Kind says:

    I don’t think you need any tips. You have everything covered: intervals, track, coaching, club, hills. You will be flying. And as for being 40 – you know it is the new 30 don’t you?

    Best of luck

    • fitartist says:

      I had heard that 60 was the new 40, so I’m going on the ’40 is the new 20′ idea 😉 I ran on the treadmill this morning, following your Twitter suggestion, and managed to get it to behave itself, though the ‘kms per hour’ thing really throws me, I need to do some maths to get it nailed!

    • fitartist says:

      Hello Phil, not heard from you in ages! How is your running going? 40’s not a problem is it? Is it?! I’m looking forward to it in a way, new lease of life and all that. Are you celebrating or hiding?

      • Phil says:

        I’ve been reading your blog for ages. A stealth reader 🙂 I’m OK my running is up and down i don’t think Mo Farah has to much to worry about.

        Unfortunately a good friend of mine is turning 40 close to my birthday and he wants us to do a joint party thing. I want a nice
        quiet one but it looks like it wil be messy.

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