Head down, teeth gritted

I’m not used to running in the rain, we’re kind of lucky really in London, apart from that rubbishy ‘summer’, we tend to have quite dry weather, or maybe I’m just lucky when I run. This week has challenged that, but it hasn’t challenged me. I am so determined to get this PB and not to miss out on a run when I have the chance, I have been turning up to the school gates in full gear, and enduring ‘you’re mad’ looks from normal parents who are safely ensconced in weatherproof macs. Little do they know, that this run is a necessity – if I don’t do it, I won’t get that rush of endorphins that will see me through the rest of the day, on a high of achievement.

Wednesday’s run was one of these grit-your-teeth runs, the perfect opportunity to try out my gorgeous new trail shoes, sent to me by the generous people at Sportsshoes.com. I am always a bit reserved about lovely new running shoes: I simply don’t want them to get dirty, ever. Trail shoes can’t avoid getting dirty and, though still looking shiny and new, there is now a tell-tale clumpy line of grass clinging to the edges of these beauties:

Shiny and new

I did wear them last Saturday to give me some bounce in my role as Run Director at the Hilly Fields Parkrun, but that doesn’t really count because the only running I did was to retrieve an arrow that had fallen over. I did, however, get to have a geeky shoe chat with a fellow Parkrunner who was wearing the rather fetching purple version. My inner geek was blown away rather by the details on the fastening mechanism, not only do they have a nifty little draw-string whatnot, Salamon have even thought long and hard about where you put your neatly tied laces, arriving at a neat little pocket on the tongue, where you can tuck any loose ends away. Marvellous.

Clever stuff

So my first run was a wet one, up the hill, away from school and around Hilly Fields. I don’t know if it is because they are new, but I found the soles a little slippery on the pavement at first, a little like running in studded football boots (I’m guessing, I’ve never worn and am never likely to wear football boots!). I kept myself in check and took it easy on the wet paths but the shoes really come into their own on the wet grass and  mud. I was able to virtually sprint up the grassy hill (though onlookers might call it something other than sprinting) and the mud was no problem, the grooved soles offering excellent grip, enough to run confidently without fear of falling.

Groovy soles

After running light in my NBs recently, I find other shoes a bit heavy, but this extra weight felt reassuring for the trail, giving support and stability on a variable and challenging surface. You can find out more about this particular pair of shoes here, but the range of trail shoes on the website is extensive! These are going to be my lucky HF Parkrun shoes 🙂



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